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Britni’s Bickering Breakfast


Target Age: 5-12

Genre: Children’s picture book, Social justice.

First edition: 2020

Looking for the perfect book to teach lessons about social responsibility in our current era?
This simple book about a bickering sausage and a carrot should be plenty food for thought.


A simple teaching parable about a carrot and a sausage who hash it out judging one another. In the end they meet the same fate, so what did they gain by being cruel in their short existence?

Are we really all that different from one another? There is only one human race that we all belong to. 
Life is short, do we really have time to waste in conflict with people, just because they seem different to us? 
​And for all judging and arrogance, what is the result? Does it actually make us better than the person we are looking down on, or put us in a better position?